About Us

We are a company dedicated to translating state-of-the art science into novel medicines for the treatment of diseases that pose great challenges to patients, their physicians and their families. Our strength derives from our focus on a small family of diseases, the skills and experience of our team and the commitment of our patients, physicians and scientists who work with us.

The very nature of disease is now being understood in molecular terms brought about by the use of powerful technologies that reveal the underlying genetics in diseased cells. This is especially true for cancer which is fundamentally a disease of gene mutations. If genetics is the study of inherited variability, and genomics the study of the entire complement of each person’s DNA, epigenetics is the science shedding light on the factors that influence gene expression that are not accounted for by classical genetics, namely, variations in DNA.

What is now coming into molecular focus is the mechanism by which the environment talks to the genome and the cell talks back. This approach has its greatest impact by changing the expression of genes by modifying the environment around DNA rather than the DNA itself. The confluence of these three related sciences is providing the insight that is generating a new wave of medicines for the treatment of cancer and other diseases of gene expression.

Imago BioSciences is translating these insights into high impact therapeutic programs aimed at transforming treatments allowing patients to live longer, disease-free lives.