Core Team

Imago’s core team comprises a small and unique set of individuals from the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical worlds who together have the capacity to identify diseases in want of new treatments and deliver a medicine from the bench to the bedside. With combined industry experience upwards of 60 years in settings varying from biotechnology to large pharma, our core team has significant breadth and depth of knowledge within chemical and clinical development, and has worked on multiple successful filings from INDs to NDAs.

Imago’s business model allows the team to leverage their drug development experience, which includes all aspects of clinical trial conduct in more than 25 countries in multiple disease areas, notably hematology and oncology, with the utilization of vendors and consultants to enhance and accelerate operations. The team works nimbly and innovatively, and with a strong focus on working collaboratively with Investigators to ensure a strong scientific foundation that translates to maximum benefit for patients, implementing new ideas and strategies swiftly.

Within Imago exists the expertise in each stage of the drug development process with the added advantage of having worked together previously as a team on successful development programs.


We are passionate about our work and believe that Imago’s expertise at each stage of the development process will result in new treatments that significantly benefit patients.